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Mentoring Employees: 3 Ways Line Managers Can Support the Process

Posted on Wed, Apr, 27, 2016

Tags: Corporate Mentoring

So your company has a mentoring program. but you are a line manager and really don't want to lose production time while your employee is off taking a "break." Right?


You will see that in the long run, a company-wide mentoring program will only help to increase production as well as the company's bottom line. In the short term, it may seem like an inconvenience to be short-staffed, but your employees' professional development and devotion/loyalty to the company will increase as a result of a corporate wide mentoring program.

So what can line managers do to support the mentoring process?

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8 Things We Are Grateful For This Thanksgiving at Management Mentors

Posted on Wed, Nov, 26, 2014

Tags: Corporate Mentoring

It's Thanksgiving week here in the United States, a time to reflect on all those things we are grateful for. Without getting too mushy, we've put together a list of 8 things we are grateful for at Management Mentors this Thanksgiving:

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How To Make Your Company A Better Place To Work with Mentoring

Posted on Wed, Apr, 30, 2014

Tags: Developing Employees, Corporate Mentoring

Carrie Kerpen recently wrote an article for titled "3 Simple Ways to Vastly Improve Your Company Culture: How to Be a Great Boss, Even During the Tough Times."

Kerpen's 3 simple ways:

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We Believe In 8 Mentoring "Truths"

Posted on Thu, Mar, 13, 2014

Tags: Corporate Mentoring

  1. Mentoring is a customizable solution. Choose from a variety of models and tweak the model even further to match your organization's goals.
  2. Mentoring doesn't happen only once in a person's life. If we're lucky, we're constantly being mentored and mentoring others, both formally and informally.
  3. Mentoring can happen outside of work. Some people point to the fact that certain types of companies, like busy startups, don't have the bandwidth to provide formal mentoring programs. Fair enough. But you can still find and work with a mentor outside of the workplace. There's no "rule" saying it has to be someone from the office.
  4. Yes, you can have more than one mentor at the same time. We're finding this is especially important for the Millennial generation (something we'll be talking about in a forthcoming white paper). Creating a mentoring network is perfectly acceptable. (Why wouldn't it be?)
  5. Mentoring, when done effectively, will be a transformative experience for the mentoree. This hasn't changed, nor do we think it ever will.
  6. Mentors often get just as much out of the mentoring relationship as the mentoree. Again, this hasn't changed either, and we don't think it ever will.
  7. It is possible to have an enriching mentoring relationship through new media, like Skype. At Management Mentors, we're big proponents of "face time." We believe people need to be present (physically, ideally) in order to experience the important nuances of the "unspoken" and nonverbal gestures. But we also know that in this global world in which we live, sometimes getting two people together in the same room isn't always feasible. But technology, like Skype, does make it possible to have face time. We're excited to think where we'll be in another quarter century...maybe we'll be able to beam people up for a meeting?
  8. Yes, the way we mentor today will be different from the way we mentor in 25, 50, and 100 years. We'll still be mentoring though, mark our words.
pilot mentoring program
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The Best of Mentoring in 2013

Posted on Tue, Dec, 31, 2013

Tags: Corporate Mentoring

Happy New Year to all of our Management Mentors' blog subscribers! We wish you health, happiness, and prosperity in 2014.

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How does a mentor "sponsor" a mentoree?

Posted on Mon, Dec, 09, 2013

Tags: Corporate Mentoring

Mentors "sponsor" a mentoree in the following ways:

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What if this happened to you? A lesson in the value of mentoring

Posted on Wed, Nov, 20, 2013

Tags: Corporate Mentoring, Mentoring Solutions

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Management Mentors is now on Twitter!

Posted on Thu, Jun, 06, 2013

Tags: Corporate Mentoring, Business Mentoring in the News

Did you know? Management Mentors is on Twitter! 


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What are the benefits of mentoring?

Posted on Thu, May, 09, 2013

Tags: Mentoring Programs, Corporate Mentoring, Mentors & Mentorees

Mentoring benefits the organization, mentors, and mentorees.

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How To Build A Professional Mentoring Program

Posted on Mon, Mar, 11, 2013

Tags: Corporate Mentoring

I came across a great post recently "How To Build A Professional Mentoring Program" by Nathan Magnuson. This topic is obviously dear to our hearts at Management Mentors. We believe that corporate mentoring programs provide a means of cultivating the skills of your company's most valuable assets (its employees!) throughout the organization. This translates into talent retention (instead of turnover), happier employees and management, and a healthier bottom line.

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