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Leadership & Mentoring: 14 Helpful Resources

Posted on Thu, May, 12, 2016

Tags: Leadership Development

Some of this content first appeared in our informative white paper, Mentoring & Leadership: FAQs, Tips & Real Life Stories. For the full white paper, click here.

leadership_and_mentoringLeadership and mentoring. The two go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, chips and salsa. (Hungry yet? OK, we’ll stop now.)

It’s easy to accept the idea of this grand partnership because, on the surface, it sounds good. After all, leadership is an important and valued skill, and mentoring is something most people welcome, especially if it will help them advance in their careers.

But do you truly understand the link between leadership and mentoring? What do the individual terms mean, and do these meanings change when you link the two? How does mentoring foster leadership (and is mentoring always necessary)? And what does a “leadership” mentoring program look like anyway?

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3 Leadership Skills Every Mentoring Program Manager Must Master

Posted on Mon, Mar, 07, 2016

Tags: Leadership Development

As the mentoring program manager (MPM), you'll essentially be leading a group of mentors and mentorees over nine to 12 months. As such, it makes sense for MPMs to develop these three leadership skills.

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Need Better Leadership Skills? Get a Mentor!

Posted on Mon, Jan, 12, 2015

Tags: Leadership Development

Many people believe that you are either born with leadership skills or you are not. Although some people are natural born leaders, it is possible to learn how to lead....and mentoring can help. 

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How does Mentoring relate to Leadership?

Posted on Wed, Jan, 08, 2014

Tags: Leadership Development

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Leadership Development: Integrating young leaders

Posted on Mon, Aug, 12, 2013

Tags: Executive Mentoring, Leadership Development

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How do successful executives learn their most important leadership lessons?

Posted on Thu, Aug, 01, 2013

Tags: Leadership Development

Are you familiar with Dan McCarthy's blog Great Leadership by Dan? Dan's blog covers a wide variety of HR and leadership development topics. He also highlights guest bloggers. In fact, our very own Rene Petrin wrote a guest blog post for Dan titled How to Find a Business Mentor Who'll Help You Achieve Your Leadership Goals.

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Today's job candidates seek development and mentoring programs

Posted on Fri, Apr, 26, 2013

Tags: Leadership Development, Mentoring Programs

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Business Mentoring Agreement-Assigning Objectives and Guidelines

Posted on Thu, Mar, 07, 2013

Tags: Leadership Development, Corporate Mentoring, mentoring relationships

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Why Your Organization Needs A Knowledge Share Solution

Posted on Tue, Oct, 02, 2012

Tags: Leadership Development, Knowledge Share

It's not always easy to see, but we're pretty sure you already have most of the talent you need. You just need a way to tap into everyone's leadership potential and bring it all together for everyone's benefit.

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Do You Recognize Yourself? Questions Mentor Should Ask Themselves

Posted on Wed, Feb, 01, 2012

Tags: Leadership Development, Corporate Mentoring Programs, mentoring relationships

Entering into a business mentoring relationship is a BIG deal. It's a big deal for the mentor and it's a big deal for the mentoree. Maybe you've done this before. Maybe you've HEARD it all before. But don't downplay what your mentoree has to say and share with you. Remember your goal--to assist your mentoree to become a better asset for your company.

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