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National Mentoring Month: How My Mentor Changed My Life

Posted on Wed, Jan, 04, 2017

Tags: mentoring pairs

Editor's note: January is National Mentoring Month. To celebrate, we're featuring our own stories and experiences with mentoring. First up is a personal essay from our president and founder, Rene Petrin.

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5 More Inspiring Mentoring Quotes

Posted on Tue, Nov, 10, 2015

Tags: mentoring pairs

Quotes seem to get people's attention these days. I've noticed all over my Facebook feed that quotes seem to be the most shared and liked pieces of content. This summer, we dedicated our newsletter to Inspiring Mentoring Quotes. And of course, we noticed they were shared! Below are 5 more inspiring quotes to inspire and to help flourish your mentoring relationship. Be sure to share them with your mentoring partner and within your mentoring program!

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9 Suggested Activities For Mentoring Pairs

Posted on Thu, Jun, 18, 2015

Tags: mentoring pairs

When I conduct quarterly sessions with mentoring pairs I get a lot of useful suggestions. The following are 9 suggested activities for mentoring pairs directly from people currently partaking in a corporate mentoring program:  

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10 differences between formal and informal business mentoring

Posted on Mon, Jun, 01, 2015

Tags: Mentoring Programs, mentoring pairs

differences between formal and informal mentoringInformal and formal mentoring are often perceived as being the same, but they have significant differences. A failure by individuals engaged in such relationships to understand these differences can lead to disappointment and frustration. Both can benefit the organization and the individuals involved.

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How to ask someone to be your mentor

Posted on Fri, May, 29, 2015

Tags: mentoring pairs, Mentors & Mentorees, mentoring relationships

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Real Advice from Mentors to Mentorees

Posted on Tue, May, 19, 2015

Tags: mentoring pairs

Recently I conducted a quarterly session with a group of mentors and the following are key points they wanted me to convey to mentorees at their quarterly session. You may find these helpful to share as well:

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It's the beginning of our mentoring relationship. What should we do?

Posted on Tue, Apr, 08, 2014

Tags: mentoring pairs, mentoring relationships

Like every relationship, those involved in mentoring will find themselves going through various stages as they work together. It is useful to be aware of this dynamic so as to better understand what is happening in your relationship.

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Changing Career Paths? Mentoring Can Help.

Posted on Fri, Mar, 28, 2014

Tags: mentoring pairs

Mentoring is an important survival tool for anyone changing career paths.

There are significant business trends that are making mentoring an important survival tool for anyone seeking to maintain a career within a fast paced and changing business climate. One example is changing career patterns.

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Business mentoring: are you ready to be mentored?

Posted on Wed, Mar, 19, 2014

Tags: mentoring success, mentoring pairs, mentoring relationships

Almost everyone thinks that they can use a mentor at some point in their career.  Although this may be true, are you ready to be mentored?  Being a mentoree means putting in the commitment necessary toward establishing and maintaining a mentoring relationship and also having some sense of focus in terms of what areas you want to develop both professionally and personally.

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Should Mentorees Choose Their Mentor?

Posted on Fri, Nov, 01, 2013

Tags: mentoring pairs, Mentors & Mentorees

I encounter this question often when I conduct a demo of my online system, Mentoring Complete.  

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