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5 Tips for Better Online Mentoring

Posted on Mon, Nov, 21, 2016

Tags: Online Mentoring

Online mentoring can mean different things to different people. Most of the time when we talk about “online mentoring,” we’re referring to our online mentoring software: MentoringComplete.

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Who is really supporting your online mentoring program?

Posted on Tue, May, 20, 2014

Tags: Mentoring Complete, Online Mentoring

When purchasing an online mentoring software system, not only should you, the Mentoring Program Manager, be concerned about whether the software is comprehensive and adaptable to your specific needs, but also who will service the contract once you sign on the dotted line.

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What is involved in implementing a mentoring program?

Posted on Thu, May, 15, 2014

Tags: Mentoring Complete, Online Mentoring, Mentoring Software

When licensing an online mentoring system, there will be an implementation process. This process could potentially be lengthy and complicated depending on the complexity of the program AND depending on the vendor you choose. In our experience, however, the process should be simple and brief.

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Consulting and mentoring software

Posted on Tue, May, 13, 2014

Tags: Mentoring Complete, Online Mentoring

When looking at an online mentoring system, I would caution prospective buyers to pay attention to consulting costs as part of the package. If the software for a mentoring program is comprehensive, then there should be little need for a lot of consulting time on the part of the vendor. The system you are looking at should have all the components already created and should allow you to edit the content to suit your needs.

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Graduating college? Entering workforce? Find a mentor. It can help.

Posted on Wed, Mar, 26, 2014

Tags: Online Mentoring, mentoring training, Mentoring Resources

What if this happened to you?

You’re about to graduate from college and looking forward to your first career opportunity. You’re excited about finally getting the opportunity to put your years of education into practice. Unfortunately, your enthusiasm is not shared by prospective employers who view you and the hundred other applicants like you as all being the same:  you all have a degree but no experience. How valuable can you be?  You use the services of the college Placement Office but you’re just one of the many in line looking desperately for assistance in finding that first job.  Your resume looks like everyone else’s and the advice given to you at the Placement Office is given to every other graduate because you’re all in the same boat.

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Looking for an online mentoring course to start the New Year?

Posted on Mon, Dec, 30, 2013

Tags: Online Mentoring, mentoring success

Are you looking for an online mentoring course either for yourself or for your employees? Are looking to supplement your current mentoring program?  

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Mentoring Software: Technology vs The Human Touch

Posted on Tue, Jul, 16, 2013

Tags: Mentoring Complete, Online Mentoring

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Newsletter: Business Mentoring Online Training

Posted on Thu, Jun, 27, 2013

Tags: Online Mentoring, mentoring success, mentoring training

Check out our latest newsletter: Business Mentoring Summer School to learn all about Management Mentors' online mentoring training programs.

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Why you should use mentoring experts to create a mentoring program

Posted on Mon, Feb, 11, 2013

Tags: Online Mentoring, mentoring training, Mentoring Solutions

Creating a structured mentoring program requires a solid understanding of mentoring dynamics.

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5 Main Benefits of an Online Mentoring System

Posted on Wed, Jan, 30, 2013

Tags: Online Mentoring, mentoring pairs

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