Mentoring Alliances: Dubai

In 2013, Management Mentors started working with Performance Development Services (PDS) to help individuals, teams, and organizations change behavior and improve performance. Based in Dubai, PDS serves clients throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and wider Middle East.

PDS works closely with clients to understand the business and get to the core of the requirements and messages that need to be understood and acted on. Its programs are tailored to each client's unique needs so that they specifically relate to the desired strategic outcomes and any existing competency frameworks in place.

The PDS methodology means that participants are engaged and understand the relevance of the work PDS does and the impact of it on themselves, their organization, and their performance. It also means that participants learn faster, remember more, apply more of what they learn to their jobs, and find it more interesting than traditional didactic training methods.

PDS' clients include multinational blue-chip companies, regional, and national organizations across a wide range of industries, including financial services, government, healthcare, construction, pharmaceutical and utilities.

The PDS team combines international experience with a real understanding of the challenges presented by working in the multicultural environment of the Middle East.

Dawn Metcalfe, Managing Director

Dawn is the Managing Director of Performance Development Services (PDS) and has a regular column “TheDawn Metcalfe, Mentoring Alliance Business of Life” in Yahoo Maktoob. She is an experienced and qualified trainer, facilitator, and coach who works across a wide range of industries. Her clients are usually already highly effective and skilled people who wish to consider new tools that might help them as they face their next challenge. Although she is an INLPTA certified coach, her approach is pragmatic as she chooses models and methodologies from a number of disciplines as appropriate.

Dawn speaks a number of languages and has a good understanding of cross-cultural issues, having lived and worked in many countries in Europe and the Far East since leaving Ireland at the age of 17 to attend university in the UK. She is now based in Dubai and is (slowly) learning Arabic.

Tel: +971 56 105 8825
Skype: DawnMetcalfe-PDS
Twitter: @PerfDevServices