Announcing Podcast Series on Employee Mentoring

Mentoring topics on downloadable podcasts will prove valuable to HR departments recruiting and retaining talent.

Chestnut Hill, MA--September 23, 2008--Management Mentors announces its podcast series "Mentoring Matters: Mentoring in Today's Business World."

The eleven one-hour shows have been divided into downloadable segments that are approximately 12 minutes long. There are 44 segments in all, and they are free to download. Listen to Management Mentors' president Rene Petrin discuss a wide variety of topics related to employee mentoring programs and training, including diversity in the workplace, how HR departments can retain and develop new hires, and workforce development.

The first set of podcasts is on mentoring vs. coaching. Understanding the difference between mentoring and coaching is essential. What is coaching? What is mentoring? Why is mentoring so important to businesses? These podcasts promise to test assumptions on mentoring and offer insight on how a solid mentoring program can build morale, help retain and attract employees, and improve overall business.

Upcoming topics include the following: best practices in mentoring, diversity, recruitment and mentoring, how to start a mentoring program, how to manage a mentoring program, success stories, communication strategies, plus much, much more.

People can listen directly from their PCs in the comfort of their homes or offices. Click here to access the podcast archive

About Management Mentors:
Management Mentors, a full-service mentoring training, consulting, and support organization founded in 1989, helps companies attract and retain high potential employees. Management Mentors' programs develop future leaders and create a more diverse workforce by removing the barriers to equal opportunity. It works closely with HR departments to design and implement corporate mentoring programs that help attract and retain new talent. Based in Massachusetts, Management Mentors' current and past clients include Quaker Oats, Schering Plough, TJX Corporation, City of London Police, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Sony Music Corporation.