Enhancements to MentoringComplete

Chestnut Hill, MA -- April 2009 -- Management Mentors released three enhancements to its web-based mentoring program software called MentoringComplete: a recruitment tool, auto matching, and keyword search.

One of the main challenges of starting a corporate mentoring program is getting involvement and buy-in right away from company employees. The recruitment tool allows mentoring program managers to upload company email addresses to the system and to send invitations asking people to become involved. This tool makes it easier to approach more people quickly.

As for the new auto matching feature, Rene Petrin, Management Mentors president and founder, says, "While we recommend our precision matching tool in most cases, some companies prefer the ease and speed of auto matching. Now MentoringComplete offers both."

The third enhancement is the keyword search feature, which allows users to plug in keywords and locate the information they're looking for faster.

MentoringComplete was released in the spring of 2008 and is half the cost of designing, implementing, and maintaining traditional mentoring programs. Current clients include Enterprise-Rent-A-Car, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), and U.S. Fish & Wildlife.

About Management Mentors: 

Management Mentors, a full-service mentoring training, consulting, and support organization, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2009. The company's corporate mentoring programs, both web-based and traditional, develop future leaders and create a more diverse workforce by removing the barriers to equal opportunity. Current and past clients include Quaker Oats, Schering Plough, TJX Corporation, City of London Police, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Sony Music Corporation.