Finding a Mentor Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Mentor-Quest Beta Makes Pairing Professional Traits and Characteristics Fun and Interactive

Chestnut Hill, MA, June 30, 2008 - Management Mentors, a mentoring partner resource for companies and universities, announced today the beta launch of Mentor-Quest, an easy to use, web-based tool for helping to identify a professional mentor within an organization or business community.  Research has shown that pairing talented, experienced employees with promising, recently hired employees increases the return on the investment of that employee by expanding business initiatives, reducing turnover costs, and improving overall productivity.

The skills of a company's executives and employees are among the most valuable assets of any organization. Corporate and executive mentoring programs provide a means of cultivating those skills throughout the organization. Licensed to an individual, Mentor-Quest users can log on at work or home to complete the online program that will leave them with a useable profile of their ideal mentor as well as strategies for approaching an individual for this purpose.

"I'm new to my job and would love to find someone who can help me to maneuver the ins and outs of my new position," said Jessica Tardif. "A friend referred me to Mentor-Quest, and I tried it. The website was interactive, light-hearted, and fun to use. I now have a good idea of who I can approach within my company to help guide me through this transition."

"Our experience has shown that one of the most difficult steps in a successful mentor/mentored relationship is making the right pairing in an efficient manner," said Rene Petrin, president of Management Mentors. "We're hoping that Mentor-Quest will aid in this effort by helping an employee learn more about themselves, identify where they need professional guidance and most importantly, how to approach a more senior professional to ask for support."

Mentor-Quest is designed in a gaming format and is played out in a university setting. Users meet a "guide" who accompanies them through the self-directed process of identifying personal traits and characteristics that they can then pair with potential Mentors. Since this is an individual and private program, users can be honest and comfortable in submitting their responses, resulting in a more realistic profile of themselves.

About Management Mentors
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