Introducing Our Online Mentoring Training Course

E-learning course perfect adjunct to employee mentoring programs

Chestnut Hill, MA, July 17, 2007--Companies looking for a comprehensive, user-friendly online mentoring training tool for participants in their mentoring programs now have an e-learning solution to assist them. Mentoring University introduces its web-based training tool "Mentoring Success," what was developed by Management Mentors, a full-service training and consulting firm that specializes in mentoring programs. The tool streamlines and simplifies the process of training individuals within organizational mentoring programs by delivering a comprehensive, user-friendly online solution that mentors and mentorees can access anytime, anywhere. Mentoring Success retails for $79 and can be ordered online 24/7.

Mentoring Success lessons include:

  • Formal and Informal Mentoring
  • Distinguishing Between Compatibility and Chemistry
  • How Mentoring and Coaching Differ
  • Managing Expectations
  • Mentoring Relationship Stages
  • Communicating Effectively in a Mentoring Relationship
  • Diversity and Mentoring.

Participants can take one lesson at a time or devote the time to take the entire course in one sitting. Targeted quizzes after each lesson reinforce the tools and techniques covered. Mentoring Success can be used as a supplement to classroom mentoring training sponsored by the organization; as a standalone mentoring training course, as a refresher course, as a supplement to management training for those wishing to enhance their mentoring skills, or as a training program for individuals who are not part of an organizational mentoring program but who have entered or are considering entering a mentoring relationship.

Mentoring Success's creation is based on over 17 years of best practice experience established by
Rene Petrin, president of Management Mentors. Petrin, a pioneer in the mentoring field, has
developed leading edge programs such as MMentPro, a web-based software solution for
mentoring program management, and Mentoring University, the only organization that provides
mentoring certification.

Mentoring Success is the first in a series of courses that Mentoring University will release on a
range of topics, including mentoring relationships, finding a mentor, and mentoring dynamics.
"Effective mentoring programs require comprehensive training for both mentors and mentorees
so that both individuals in the relationship fully understand their roles and responsibilities, how
the relationship will flow and how to set realistic, clear expectations," states Mr. Petrin.
"Mentoring Success simplifies the training process by allowing participants to train on their own
time, at their own pace. And our first course is rich with information that will help mentors and
mentorees have the most successful mentoring experience."

About Management Mentors
Management Mentors, a full-service mentoring training, consulting, and support organization
founded in 1990, helps companies attract and retain high potential employees. Management
Mentors’ programs develop future leaders and create a more diverse workforce by removing the
barriers to equal opportunity. Management Mentors operates offices in the U.S. and the UK.
Current and past clients include Quaker Oats, Schering Plough, TJX Corporation, City of
London Police, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Sony Music Corporation.

About Mentoring University
Mentoring University is the training and certification division of Management Mentors.
Mentoring University has established standards and best practices in corporate mentoring.
Along with online and classroom training, Mentoring University will certify a company's
mentoring program as "Best In Class."