Announcing Our Talent Management Solution

The Answer to the "Talent Crunch" Conundrum: Empower People to Foster Talent within Themselves…and Others

Chestnut Hill, MA, December 1, 2010 – Management Mentors, a company dedicated to designing and implementing world-class business mentoring programs for companies, nonprofits, and universities, announced today the availability of CoachingComplete, a web-based talent management solution that encourages people to share their talents with each other by serving as informal coaches, collaborating on projects, and sharing skills and expertise.

The inspiration behind CoachingComplete is the so-called "talent crunch," where organizations struggle to find talented people to fill certain positions. According to Manpower Inc's fifth annual Talent Shortage Survey, "Thirty-one percent of employers worldwide report having difficulty filling key positions within their organization - a rise of one percentage point from 2009, amidst a perpetual global pool of available workers."

Management Mentors contends that the answer to the talent crunch conundrum is to focus on the people who already exist within the organization by fostering their existing talents and encouraging them to teach and share these talents with others within the organization.

Rene Petrin, founder and president of Management Mentors, says, "We like to think of CoachingComplete in this way. It's where talent management meets knowledge share meets social networking. We designed the software to be intuitive and fun. People flock to things like Facebook and LinkedIn for their social aspects and for how easy it is to share information. CoachingComplete functions in the same way, but at a 'business' level where people within an organization can connect with each other, coach one another, and help each other. This, in turn, helps the parent organization."

Petrin notes that CoachingComplete doesn't—and shouldn't replace—formal mentoring programs. "Coaching and mentoring are two different things. But there's a place for both within an organization. And if set up right, the two can complement one another," Petrin says.

To learn more about its features and benefits, and to schedule a free demonstration, visit the CoachingComplete page.

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