Best of Business Mentoring in 2015

No doubt, this will probably be the first of many "Best of" newsletters you'll encounter over the next month. Before we look ahead to 2016, it makes sense to reflect on the last year.

Here are some of our favorite mentoring highlights from 2015...

1. Best new white paper. People loved our "9 Benefits of Mentoring" white paper. Have you downloaded it yet?

2. Best "old" white paper. We'd be remiss, however, if we didn't shine the spotlight on our most popular white paper, which is "Coaching & Mentoring: 25 Ways They're Different." 

3. Best blog posts. We blog regularly, so it's hard to narrow it down to one "best" blog post of the year. So we're going to give you our top five...

4. Best PR moment. Talent Management magazine interviews Rene Petrin via Skype. We've had some other fabulous PR that you can read about here.

5. Best guest article. We love writing guest articles for other sites and publications. Here's one we wrote for the Association of Talent Development: How to Wrap Up a Mentoring Program.

Enjoy, and we'll see you in a few weeks when we share our mentoring predictions for 2016.