Business Mentoring Articles: Link Fest

Here's our latest roundup of interesting reads on mentoring (and related topics).

1. Mentoring is all about personal transformation. And this article from Buffer, a social media company, talks about how to have deeper conversations with people—the kind of conversations that can truly help you transform for the better.

Note: The author of this article discusses coaching and mentoring (and seems to use the terms somewhat interchangeably). Our regular readers know we believe mentoring and coaching are two very different things. Nevertheless, this article is worth the read and provides excellent ideas for mentors and mentorees (and people, in general) on how to deepen the conversations they're already having.

Insightful quote: "Being good at listening is not only a great tool, but practicing listening so often has made me enjoy the action itself a lot more. The reward is getting to know someone a bit better. Sure, sometimes the goal is also to help with challenges, but there’s also an inherent joy in simply knowing that this person chose to share this information with you."

2. Mentoring helps reduce work-related stress and burnout. This comes as no surprise to us, but it's always great when people conduct studies that show what we already know.

Insightful quote: "Formal mentoring programs can help employees at-risk of stress and burnout obtain more confidence and feel more engaged in the organization, Varghese said. Such mentoring is common among Fortune 500 companies and usually involves matching employees based on career aspirations or interests." 

3. Mentoring is about paying if forward…and paying it back. This is a story by a retired UC San Diego professor who started the college's Emeriti Mentor Program (EMP) back in 2006. The program focuses on matching first-generation college students from low-income families with retired professors. 

Insightful quote: "A successful mentor involves being part teacher, part advisor and part friend. The proportion of each varies from one mentor to the next." 

4. What about peer mentoring? Usually, our focus is on matching a more senior level person (the mentor) with a junior level person (the mentoree). But we agree that there is a place for peer mentoring, and this article is a good reminder that your next mentor might be someone who is already sitting next to you. 

Insightful quote: "Peer mentorships can provide collective insight, perspective, and growth that you would not be able to gain with any other type of mentor." 

5. Mentoring the next generation of musicians. And finally, we leave you with a heart-warming story from the Seattle Symphony about the "Side-by-Side" initiative that encourages professional musicians to work directly with aspiring musicians still in high school.  

Insightful quote: "For some, the road from student to Seattle Symphony is full circle. Jonathan Karschney participated in three Side-by-Side performances as a Garfield High School student. He’s now Assistant Principal Horn with the Seattle Symphony, playing alongside musicians he admired as a teenager. He has since mentored students at his alma mater."

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Here's to your mentoring success!