The Proof of an Effective Mentoring Process - Just Ask Our Clients

Below are examples of some current and past clients...


It’s easy for us to say we’re the experts in corporate mentoring programs and that we’ve truly fined tuned the mentoring process. But don’t take our word for it. Read what some of our happy clients have to say.

“The biggest thing your e-learning courses provided is they helped get everyone—MPMs, mentors, and mentorees—on the same page. We all have the same baseline skills, and everyone is speaking the same language now. The courses also helped us jump start our mentoring pilot program. Those who took the Maximizing Success course loved what they learned and have proudly printed out their certificates and placed them in their offices. Thanks so much for the excellent resources!” ~ Norm Shaver, Organizational Development Specialist

“We were in the process of developing a pilot mentoring program and I wanted to ensure I was clear on the program manager’s role. The course is so detailed! Going through each module gave me insight on topics that weren’t on our radar but needed to be. This helped us shape a strong pilot program. I look forward to sharing what I learned with my colleagues.” ~ Matlyn Redd, Learning Analyst at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

“As a consultant, I often find myself mentoring leaders in various organizations. It recently occurred to me that I should seek formal training regarding the mentoring concept. I discovered Maximizing Mentoring Success and dug right in. The online course provided the solid foundation I was looking for and reinforced many of the things that came naturally to me as a mentor. But the course also offered additional strategies and insights to consider. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about mentoring in general—and about being a good mentor or mentee.” ~ Grant Whittaker, Owner/Manager, Merritech Consulting Corp

"Management Mentors are the experts when it comes to mentoring. The minute you speak with Rene it is clear that he knows the material, he understands organizations, and he helps you determine what it will take for mentoring to work in practice, not in theory." ~ Amy Fardella, Senior VP and Director of Human Resources, TJX Companies

"Mentoring is very different from coaching someone you supervise. It works through personal commitment to the mentorees, to help them grow in whatever way they wish. The focus is on them, and not you, or your work. So by dealing with my mentoree as a friend and peer, and not a subordinate, I as the mentor gained new insights. And thus, as mentor, I better appreciate the concerns of all my staff." ~ Vincent Mudrak, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services

Regarding our e-learning course, Maximizing Mentoring Success: "I do believe that leadership and mentorship go hand in hand and each is critical to the success of the other. If you are a leader, you have to be able to mentor and if you mentor you have to be able to lead. The same is not true for a manager, a coach, work supervisor or even a superintendent. Even after working the human terrain for the last 30 years, there was an extraordinary amount in this course that helped me place things into context that I had to do through trial and error as I went along. I am going to recommend this course to everyone who seeks to develop a business or teaches others how to be successful in business.” ~ Nick Baggett, Force Tactical Solutions International

"Management Mentors understands that mentoring is not just about doing some training. They help implement a complete program that becomes part of the organization and really helps companies meet their employee development goals." ~ Mark Miller, VP of Corporate Relations, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

"Congratulations on the release of these new resources! Thanks for including me in the list of people to share this information with. You will always be my resource on the subject of business mentoring, so I will be in touch if I have the opportunity to do any work related to mentoring." ~ Robin Caldwell

"Our mentoring program has been successful because of Management Mentors help. They helped us design, launch, and implement processes that our employees think are worthwhile." ~ VP of Training and Development, Major Metropolitan Newspaper

"Mentoring is extremely important to our organization and employees. My role is to develop leaders for the company and mentoring is critical to developing leadership.We have had great results from the program Management Mentors offers." ~ Leadership Development Manager, Defense Contractor

"We needed a mentoring program that supported our diversity goals but we didn’t have the internal resources to do what we wanted. Management Mentors was the only company we looked at that had a diversity component to their program. They are truly the experts and I am thrilled to work with them." ~ Director of Diversity, National Financial Institution

"We feel that mentoring is important for employee retention, but we did not have a formal program. Management Mentors, however, has a proven process that works. We followed their model and have had great results and feedback employees are eager to participate and feel it is important to their career." ~ Director of Human Resources, Worldwide Advertising Agency

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