Improve Mentoring Skills. Receive Mentoring Training.

Welcome to Mentoring University, Our Educational Arm.

Mentoring UniversityThe key to effective mentoring is education: improving your mentoring skills, receiving mentoring training, learning how to effectively be a mentor, learning how to get the most out of a program as a mentoree, and learning how to effectively manage a business mentoring program.

The above involves understanding human behavior, knowing how (and when) to communicate in a variety of settings and with diverse peoples, and encouraging people (and often, yourself).

This is why we created, Management Mentors' educational arm. On this site, you'll find e-learning courses that will help you in specific aspects of mentoring, including:

The thing to remember about education is that it's lifelong -- it never ends. That's why we're constantly adding courses and helpful workbooks for sale on If you play an active role in your organization's mentoring program, be sure to bookmark the page (or this one) and check back for new releases.