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It's been a long winter here in Boston, thanks to the Polar Vortex and seemingly endless snow storms. As you can imagine, we're all ready for spring and summer, especially those long, lazy days lounging by the beach or pool with a good book. 

That said, we know plenty of our readers are gearing up for autumn and winter. The start of any season (even cold ones), is exciting, isn't it? For our friends in Australia, for example, people are probably looking forward to more comfortable sleeping weather and cozying up by the fire with a good book.

Ah, notice what we did there! In both scenarios, we mentioned the joy of settling down with a book. And no wonder. A great read can make any day, any week, and any season that much better, right?

If you're preparing your summer or winter reading list, we'd love for you to consider some of our titles. We have seven new ebooks, hot off the virtual presses:

  • Business Mentoring: Communication Styles Instrument
  • Business Mentoring: Communication Styles Instrument AND Guide for Program Managers
  • Group Mentoring: Facilitation Styles Instrument
  • Group Mentoring: Mentoree Role Preferences
  • How to Find a Mentor
  • Mentor Readiness Instrument
  • Mentoree Readiness Instrument
Plus, our other four titles are still available:
  • Creating a Successful Mentoring Relationship: Training, Tips, and Tricks
  • Executive Mentoring 101
  • Group Mentoring Manual for Mentors
  • Mentoring: A Business Strategy That Works

We've written each book in a straightforward way with practical advice and helpful information that you can apply to your current or future mentoring programs. We've priced them just right, too. Several of the ebooks are available for only $2.99 and the most expensive title is only $9.99.

And the best part is you can easily take them with you wherever you venture this season. Read them on your smartphone, tablet, e-reader, or desktop.

Interested? Simply go here to learn more about each title and where to buy.

If you like what you read, consider leaving a review, sending us a testimonial, or letting your friends and colleagues know about the books.

Happy reading!

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