How to Help Mentors - A Case Study

We're proud of our e-learning course: Maximizing Mentoring Success. We believe it's the perfect training for new mentors and mentorees as they embark on their mentoring journey together.

Of course, it's easy for us to say how great the course is, right? This is why we decided to have a case study created that discusses one professional organization's experience with the course.

Here's some background on the organization and its mentoring program:

  • Organization type: professional association/nonprofit
  • Size: 30-40 mentoring pairs at any given time
  • E-learning course: Maximizing Mentoring Success
  • Results: Better equipped mentors, successful mentoring relationships, foundation for whole mentoring program
Click here to read the complete case study.
Interested in learning more about our e-learning course?
We hope so! Maximizing Mentoring Success is perfect for:
  • Individuals in companies engaged in mentoring programs
  • Managers who want to expand their mentoring skills
  • People who are seeking mentoring relationships
  • College students and grads who are looking for that extra "edge" in today's competitive work environment
  • Associations that want to offer its members added value to membership

The course costs only $79, and group rates are available as well--just ask. We also have an online certification course designed specifically for mentoring program managers. Thanks for reading the case study and checking out the courses.

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