Knowledge Sharing Just Got a Whole Lot Easier.
Introducing Anytime Mentoring.

Are you worried about the "talent crunch"? Are you seeing an influx of Millennials in your organization and wondering the best way to mentor and nurture this new generation of workers? Do you believe all the skills and expertise your organization needs already exists within your company and that it's just a matter of figuring out how to get people to transfer their knowledge to one another?

If you said yes to any (or all) of the above, you're not alone. And guess what? There is a solution.

Knowledge Sharing Systems, Redefined. Say Hello to Anytime Mentoring.

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You need a knowledge sharing tool that allows you to create a virtual database of everyone in your organization. In that system, each person needs the ability to create his or her own profile, one that highlights skillsets and expertise.

And you need this system to be "social" in that it allows people to conduct searches so that they can find people to coach and mentor them in specific areas (and so that they can do the same for others). 

And that's exactly what Anytime Mentoring does.

Anytime Mentoring is a knowledge sharing system that's available as a standalone product and also as a feature in the full MentoringComplete suite.

What is Anytime Mentoring?

  • It's designed around the concept of "knowledge share" and allows your employees to easily identify who has what skills and expertise so they can learn from one another.
  • It's social learning with an intuitive interface that's similar to other popular social networks.
  • It's entirely web-based -- all you need is Internet access and a browser. This makes it the perfect solution for virtual work environments or people spread out across different offices, branches, states, and even continents.

How Does Anytime Mentoring Work?

Employees are added to the system and create a profile.  Once completed employees can:

  • Choose to mentor or be mentored
  • Create projects with their mentor
  • Create tasks for projects
  • Create learning groups
  • Create and share resources
  • Ask questions from anyone in the system

What are the Benefits of Anytime Mentoring?

  • Anytime Mentoring leverages your employees' wealth of knowledge and expertise and creates relationships that are mutually beneficial, that break down the silo mentality, and that build a learning community. Employees are free to have multiple mentors and create relationships that last weeks, months, or even years. The benefits are many:
  • The sharing of expertise and knowledge across all levels of the organization will help result in fewer errors and better sales and customer service.
  • Because Anytime Mentoring is web-based, employees will be able to link with other employees in ways they might never have been able to do while using traditional methods of mentoring and talent management. 
  • Since companies in Anytime Mentoring use company specific competencies in searching for a suitable mentor, this assures that development of the mentoree will  focus  on what the company needs and not random development with no connection to the company.
  • Fostering a cooperative, supportive, learning environment results in greater employee loyalty to the company.
  • Anytime Mentoring provides a way for every single employee to contribute, share, and impact the organization.
  • Anytime Mentoring also creates a culture of "continuous improvement" and an effective way to find timely answers and solutions to problems.