Online Mentoring Certification for Program Managers...Only $199!

"We were in the process of developing a pilot mentoring program and I wanted to ensure I was clear on the program manager’s role. The course is so detailed! Going through each module gave me insight on topics that weren’t on our radar but needed to be. This helped us shape a strong pilot program. I look forward to sharing what I learned with my colleagues.” ~ Matlyn Redd, Learning Analyst at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

I love all the info your site has to offer, but I particularly enjoyed the e-learning course for mentoring program managers. I downloaded all the course material and continue to refer to it as we tweak and improve our current mentoring program. Overall, the course was informative and intuitive—I highly recommend it!" ~ Chris Hans, Leadership Development, Daymon Worldwide

Because it's completely web-based, you can take this certification course when it's convenient for you -- all you need is an Internet connection. BUY NOW, BUT START WHEN IT'S CONVENIENT TO YOU.

Certified Mentoring Program Manager, Level 1


This course covers all the best practices that have been demonstrated as critical to creating effective business mentoring programs. In the certification process, candidates will become knowledgeable in the following areas: 

  • How mentoring differs from other professional development systems.
  • The role of the Mentoring Program Manager in effective mentoring.
  • How to design business mentoring programs.
  • How to implement mentoring within an organization.
  • Various methods available to create effective matches.
  • How to conduct effective training with mentors and mentorees and how to orient mentoree managers to their role in mentoring.
  • How to maintain ongoing contact with mentoring pairs to assist them in having an effective relationship.
  • How to design a process for assessing the effectiveness of mentoring programs.
  • The most common challenges faced in mentoring programs and mentoring relationships and how to meet these challenges effectively.

Who should take this course: Mentoring Program Managers (MPM)

Number of hours: approximately 5 hours. 

Cost: $199*

Available through: Mentoring

*Courses must be completed within 30 days of purchase.



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