Maximizing Mentoring Success - only $89!

"The course, 'Maximizing Mentoring Success,' was great. I really liked being able to sit at my desk while working at my own pace and scheduling the course in between my daily workload and meetings. The outline and other course materials were easy to follow. I look forward to sharing these materials with colleagues and referring to them on a regular basis.”

---Kim Gray, Human Resources Specialist – Retention, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

So maybe you have a corporate mentoring program, but have you given your mentors, mentorees, and program managers the skills they need in order to succeed? Do they even know what corporate mentoring is and how it differs from coaching? Do they understand the real differences between passive and active listening? Do they realize that every mentoring relationship has stages to go through? 

If you're going to invest in corporate mentoring, then go all the way--not half way there! 

Our interactive, online course, Maximizing Mentoring Success: Creating Effective Relationships, introduces mentors and mentorees to crucial mentoring skills and key concepts of corporate mentoring programs. Through audio skits, interactive quizzes, and dynamic tutorials, Maximizing Mentoring Success students will walk away with the skills they need to develop successful mentoring relationships...NOW. And only for $89 per student! (Your employees are worth it!)

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Maximizing Mentoring Success can supplement your existing mentoring training or be used as a standalone. Either way, it allows mentoring students to learn at their own pace. Students can login 24/7 from the comfort of the office, their home, or a nearby coffee shop--all they need is a web browser and Internet access. Not only that, but your Mentoring Program Managers will receive students' results when the course is completed so that they can stay on top of any issues...or provide deeper insight and support in areas that need work.

Maximizing Mentoring Success is perfect for:
  • Individuals in companies engaged in mentoring programs
  • Managers who want to expand their mentoring skills
  • People who are seeking mentoring relationships
  • College students and grads who are looking for that extra "edge" in today's competitive work environment
  • Associations (like Chambers of Commerce) that want to offer its members added value to membership

Here's just some of what you can expect to learn from Maximizing Mentoring Success:

  • Differences Between Formal and Informal Mentoring
  • Distinguishing Between Compatibility and Chemistry
  • How Mentoring and Coaching Differ
  • Roles In Professional Mentoring - Mentor
  • Roles In Professional Mentoring - Mentoree
  • Mentoree As A Learner and Risk Taker
  • Roles In Professional Mentoring - Manager
  • Managing Expectations In Mentoring
  • Stages in Mentoring - Learning Objectives and Introduction
  • Stages - Creating The Relationship
  • Stages - Building On The Relationship
  • Stages - Achieving Mastery/Confidence
  • Stages - Moving On
  • Communicating Within the Mentoring Relationship
  • Active Listening
  • Communicating - Checking and Confirming
  • Communicating - Checking and Confirming Summary
  • Communicating - Common Barriers to Listening
  • Communicating - Specific Listening Techniques
  • Communicating - Giving Feedback
  • Communicating - Receiving Feedback
  • Diversity and Mentoring
  • Diversity and Mentoring - Stereotypes
  • Unique Aspects of Diversity Mentoring

Cost: $89*

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