5 Free Corporate Mentoring Resources

One of the things we love hearing about our website is that it's helpful to organizations that are designing and implementing corporate mentoring programs. Our website is fairly deep, so we thought we'd use this newsletter to highlight our newest resource (and yes, it's free) along with some others that are popular with site visitors.

We love getting feedback, so let us know what you think. And if you're looking for a resource that isn't on the site, let us know that as well.

1. Free White Paper: Online Mentoring Software - 5 Main Benefits
This white paper is perfect for organizations that are in the early planning stages of developing their corporate mentoring program or that are thinking about taking their program online. This white paper includes information you can share with upper management as you make a case for your position. Download the white paper now.

2. Sample Corporate Mentoring RFP
This is one of our newest resources. We realize that implementing a corporate mentoring program is an investment (if you build it right). Many organizations are required to go through an RFP (request for proposal) process. We hope we can make that process a little easier for you by providing this sample RFP that includes everything you'll want vendors to keep in mind when drafting their proposals. Download the Sample RFP now.

3. Best Practices in Mentoring Presentation
This is one of our most popular resources. It's a guided audio tutorial that discusses corporate mentoring best practices. Download the presentation now.

4. Downloadable Podcasts
Back in 2007, Management Mentors hosted its own Internet radio show. We turned each show segment into a downloadable podcast. Listen from the comfort of your office or home and learn about all sorts of topics related to business mentoring, such as diversity initiatives, ROI and mentoring, and how to successfully manage a program. Download the podcasts now.

5. Newsletter Archive
Our archive goes back three years. All of our issues are free for you to read online. If you're interested in reprinting any of the articles, we're open to that as well. For now, check out the archive.

Of course, we feel our best resource is the people behind Management Mentors. Do you have something on your mind regarding your corporate mentoing program? We're here to help. Contact us today and let's talk.

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