Business Mentoring & Career Development

We know it's a busy time of year for everyone, so we're keeping this month's newsletter short and sweet and to the point: we have a new free offer, a quick-topic tutorial called 5 Ways Business Mentoring Fosters Career Advancement.

At first blush, it's easy to believe the argument thabusiness mentoring white papert being part of a formal mentoring program will help you advance in your career. But WHY is this the case? That's what this free thought paper explores.

It's short, but packed with solid reasoning, and we think it's perfect for people who are part of organizations that:
  • Need some more persuasive evidence as to why the organization should start a formal mentoring program
  • Need to get buy-in from potential mentors and mentorees
  • Need some motivational pieces for people who are currently involved with a program

You can download it by clicking here. Remember, it's free, just as all of our white papers are. We always welcome feedback, so definitely let us know what you think of it.

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