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We send a monthly email newsletter called “Mentoring Minute” with tips and ideas on creating, managing, and sustaining your corporate mentoring programs. Topics vary each month, and many issues include specific tips for mentors, mentorees, or program managers. Browse our archive below of past issues. Would you like to reprint one of the articles? Please contact us and let us know which article and where and when you would like it to appear. We'll then respond with specific reprint guidelines.


January: Reflections on 30 Years of Mentoring


October: Looking Ahead to Mentoring in 2019

September: If You Do Or If You Don't Have a Mentoring Program

Summer: Mindful Listening in Mentoring

June: Q&A with Our Mentoring Expert - Part 2

May: Q&A with Our Mentoring Expert - Part 1

April: Mentoring vs. Coaching - The Great Debate Continues

March: Business Mentoring Articles - Link Fest

February: Overcoming Mentoring Challenges

January: It's National Mentoring Month


November/December: The Best of 2017

October: Test Your Business Mentoring Knowledge

September: The Ideal Mentor & The Ideal Mentoree

Summer: Mentoring Books to Add to Your Reading List

June: Mentoring Articles Roundup

May: Business Mentoring Link Fest - Spring 2017 Edition

April: Have You Read Our Executive Mentoring White Paper?

March: Introducing our New Executive Mentoring e-Learning Course

February: 3 Quick Mentoring Tips

January: Celebrating National Mentoring Month


November/December: Group Mentoring 101 - Free White Paper

October: NEW: Group Mentoring for Mentors E-learning course

September: Hidden Gems from the Mentoring Archives

Summer 2016: 3 Ways to Measure Mentoring ROI

June: Business Mentoring Tips: Time for an Oil Change

May: Where to Begin Your Business Mentoring Relationship

April: Business Mentoring Articles Link Fest

March: Hidden Mentoring Gems

February: Our Business Mentoring Philosophy

January: Introducing the New Mentoring University


Best of Business Mentoring 2015

October: Mentoring Statistics & Mentoring Articles

September: Mentoring Tips & Other Advice

July/August: Mentoring Quotes That Are Sure to Inspire

June: 9 Benefits of Mentoring That Go Beyond Traditional ROI

May: Effective Mentoring Activities for Better Relationships

April: Mentoring Tidbits

March: Tips for Promoting & Recruiting Members to Your Mentoring Program

February: How Mentoring Fits in with Succession Planning

January: New Year. New Success Stories.


December: Best Mentoring Articles from 2014

November: Leadership & Mentoring - Free White Paper

October: Pulling Back the Curtain on How We Match Mentors and Mentorees

September: What is Modern Mentoring?

Summer 2014: 6 Mentoring Myths Busted

June: Do You Smell Something Burning? Why You Might Need to Recalibrate Your Mentoring Relationships

May: Take Your Business Mentoring Program to the Next Level

April: Mentoring Challenges - How to Get Buy-In from the C-Suite

March: NEW! Business Mentoring eBooks

February: Mentoring Millennials White Paper

January: Is Mentoring Dead?


December: Best of 2013 in Mentoring Articles

November: How to Help Mentors - A Case Study

October: Is Your Mentoring Program a Coaching Program in Disguise?

September: How to Create a Pilot Mentoring Program

Summer 2013: Best of our Blog - Be Sure to Subscribe!

June: Mentoring Best Practices White Paper

May: Business Mentoring Summer School

April: Introducing our 21 Mentoring Questions White Paper

March: 5 Effective Mentoring Skills

February: What to Talk About in Your Business Mentoring Relationships

January: Coaching vs. Mentoring: 25 Ways They're Different


December: Best Mentoring of 2012

November: One Ridiculously Easy Way to Cure Talent Shortages...Plus 5 Bonus Benefits

October: Why Safey Matters in Mentoring

September: Free Knowledge Share White Paper

Summer 2012: The 411 on Group Mentoring

June: Free White Paper Available - Executive Mentoring 101

May: Business Mentoring eBooks Now Available

April: Announcing Updates to Our eMentoring Software

March: FREE White Paper - So Your Organization Needs a Mentoring Program - Now What? Three Things to Consider.

February: 25 Benefits of Mentoring

January: New Mentoring Statistics & Info on Talent Retention


December: Business Mentoring & Career Development

November: Don't Be a Turkey: Avoid These Business Mentoring Mistakes

October: New Look. New eBook. (Admit it -- you're curious.)

September: Executive Mentoring 101

Summer: Playing Nice in the Knowledge Share Sandbox

June: Announcing Our Mentoring Program Manager Certification

May: Why Your Organization Should Formally Share Knowledge

April: Corporate Mentoring Communication Tips

March: Corporate Mentoring Benefits

February: Winning Talent from Within

January: Mentoring Success Story: LISC


December: Business Mentoring Tips - Saving a Match

November: The Talent Crunch Solution

October: The Diversity Manager's Role in Corporate Mentoring

September: Professional Mentoring in Action: US Fish & Wildlife Service

July/August: Corporate Mentoring Glossary

June: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Mentors & Mentorees

May: Quick Tips for Mentors, Mentorees, and Program Managers

April: Free White Paper - The "Well Leveraged" Corporate Mentoring Program

March: Strategies for Taking Your Mentoring Program Online

February: 5 Free Corporate Mentoring Resources

January: Corporate Mentoring Program Case Study - Enterprise Rent-A-Car


December: Corporate Mentoring Program Spruce-Up: 5 Strategies

November: Here's the Secret Behind Successful Corporate Mentoring Programs

October: Introducing "Ask the Corporate Mentoring Experts"

September: Getting Buy-In From Mentors

Summer: Should Mentoring be Linked to Performance Management?

June: Mid-Year Mentoring Program Check-Up

May: Mentoring New Grads

April: 10 Mentoring Tips for the Corporate Mentoree

March: 10 Mentoring Tips for the Corporate Mentor

February: Corporate Mentoring: Then & Now

January: Why Mentoring in a Down Economy is Critical


December: Corporate Mentoring Solutions for 2009

November: Customer Story—Business Mentoring & Banking Done Right

October: How to Start a Diversity Conversation in your Professional Mentoring Program

September: Business Mentoring Spotlight—City of London Police

Summer: Find a Business Mentor with Mentor-Quest

June: Which Corporate Mentoring Model is Right for Your Business?

May: Business Mentoring & Communication: Verifying Perceptions

April: Corporate Mentoring Relationships: Managing Expectations

March: MentoringComplete is Here

February: Is Your Business Suffering from "Knowledge Drain"? Mentoring Can Help

January: Introducing MentoringComplete


December: Here's Why You Should Use Mentoring Experts when Creating a Mentoring Program

November: Mentoring from Afar: Guest Columnist Nancy Settle-Murphy

October: Diversity Initiatives & Corporate Mentoring

Summer Issue: Communicating in Style--Corporate Mentoring Tips

June: Identifying Model Program Managers for Your Corporate Mentoring Program

May: Online Mentor Software: How The Karate Kid and Corporate Mentoring are Alike

April: Spring Training Your Way into Mentoring Success

March: The Difference Between Coaching & Mentoring

February: Are You Using Your Mentoring Time Wisely?

January: Mentoring Matchmaker