Use Mentoring Experts When Creating a Corporate Mentoring Program: Here's Why

Creating a structured mentoring program requires a solid understanding of mentoring dynamics.

Unfortunately, there are myriad examples of mentoring programs that have failed because organizations mistakenly believed they fully understood mentoring. Rather than create a successful program, they created a disaster that negatively impacted the careers of both mentors and mentorees. Typically, such programs have put people together without clear guidelines, offered no training about mentoring relationships, lacked internal support, paired employees with the bosses of the employees' immediate supervisors, etcetera.

The amount of outside expertise needed to establish a mentoring program varies from organization to organization. Most organizations have found that using a consultant to set up an initial pilot program has made the difference between success and failure.

So what does an outside consulting firm that specializes in mentoring programs offer a prospective client? Experienced consultants provide the following:

  • Cost effectiveness-reduces the time and effort needed to establish a program
  • Successful design-program operates more efficiently based on successful designs employed by similar organizations
  • Improved results-focuses on specific competency areas
  • Higher success rate-previous mentoring expertise helps organizations avoid pitfalls that have derailed mentoring programs

Outside consultants also keep up with technology and are constantly trying to find ways to make mentoring programs even more efficient and effective. To this end, we at Management Mentors want to offer you a sneak peak at MentoringComplete, our comprehensive online mentor software that we're launching in January 2008. We're so excited about the technology and flexibility of MentoringComplete, which is unlike anything else that's on the market today, and we have no doubt that you'll be excited, too.

On a personal note, all of us at Management Mentors wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a happy and healthy 2008. See you next year!

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