Understanding Formal & Informal Mentoring

It’s important to understand the difference between formal and informal mentoring.Why? Because different mentoring processes require different strategies and include different benchmarks and goals.

Formal mentoring programs include:

  • Connection to a strategic business objective of the organization
  • Established goals
  • Measurable outcomes
  • Open access for all who qualify
  • Strategic pairing of mentors and mentorees
  • Mentoring engagements lasting 9-12 months
  • Expert training and support
  • Direct organizational benefits

Informal mentoring programs include:

  • Unspecified goals
  • Unknown outcomes
  • Limited access to the program
  • Self-selection of mentors and mentorees
  • Long-term mentoring
  • No expert training or support
  • Indirect organizational benefits

Formal mentoring, when combined with mentoring training, provides the most effective professional development program available. Learn how your organization can benefit from a formal mentoring program. Call us at 617-789-4622 or contact us today.