Introducing MentoringComplete

No doubt, the concept of mentoring has a long and colorful history: Socrates mentored Plato. Plato mentored Aristotle. And Aristotle mentored Alexander the Great. The word "mentor" actually comes from Greek mythology. In Homer's The Odyssey, Mentor was a person who counseled and guided Odysseus' son, Telemachus.

Today, the concept of "mentoring" is alive and well, especially in the corporate world. But, of course, shouldn't the passage of time bring innovation even to the most innovative of concepts?

Imagine a web-based mentoring program that boasts ease-of-use, simplified set-up, and advanced reporting, with the features you want and the benefits you desire. Imagine a mentoring program that grows with you and your company, not against you. Imagine a mentoring solution so complete that it'll make any other program pale in comparison.

Imagine No More. Say Hello to MentoringComplete.

At Management Mentors, we've been designing and implementing corporate mentoring programs for  twenty years. We've studied the needs of businesses like yours, of mentoring program managers, of mentors, and of mentorees. We watched the Age of Technology transform companies for the better. So wouldn't it make sense, we thought, for mentoring to meet the 21st century, too?

Well, we dreamed it, and we built it. And we're proud to introduce to you MentoringComplete--the only corporate mentoring program you'll ever need. Whether you want managed programs, group mentoring, or self-directed mentoring (or a combination of all three!), MentoringComplete has a solution for you and your company. This completely web-based program doesn't require any server set-up or IT involvement on your end, and it's completely customizable to fit your company's unique needs.

  • Support for All Four Types of Mentoring Programs
  • Precision Matching
  • Intuitive, Role-Based Design
  • Simplified Program Setup - Tailoring a Program to the Needs of an Organization
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Plus so much more!

Harness the power of MentoringComplete for your company by setting up a free demo! 

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