MentoringComplete Is Here

MentoringComplete is here, and we're confident that it's the only mentoring solution you need.
Of course, that's easy for us to say. But we've been in the corporate mentoring business for nearly three decades, and we've finally created a mentoring solution that's so comprehensive, easy-to-use, adaptable, client-centered, and cost effective that it really is the only mentoring solution you need.

Here are just some of MentoringComplete's benefits to you:

Discover easy set-up and use through our "stand alone" system. This means that if you want to implement a mentoring program and you have no background or experience in doing so, you can use MentoringComplete to create a program. Since we have best practices forms within the system-program descriptor, profile form, interview form, mentoring agreement, monthly checkpoints, and final evaluation forms--you don't need to spend hours researching various websites and books to attempt to create a professional mentoring program.

Easily create multiple program types. The system allows you to create multiple types of programs:  managed, self-directed,  group, or any combination of the above. This means that the system grows with your company's or organization's needs.

Create important diversity initiatives. We know from research that those people who are mentored often stay longer, get promoted faster, and have higher salary increases. In diversity initiatives, we know that formal mentoring is critical since the majority of people do not mentor people unlike themselves. With MentoringComplete, you can create a diversity program and measure longevity, promotions, and salary increases because there's a functionality within the system to keep these statistics not only for the program, but also indefinitely.

No more fees for outside consultants. MentoringComplete allows you to have a professional mentoring program at about half the cost of hiring a consultant. In addition, it has so much adaptability built into it that there's little need to pay extra dollars beyond the licensing fee to configure the system to fit a your needs. For example, every form is completely adaptable and new forms can be created that are unique to your company or organization. Think of buying a car--most cars come with the basics, but you pay for all the perks and extras. MentoringComplete already comes with all the perks and extras and at a price that is lower than the competition.

Remember, MentoringComplete has a solution for you and your company. This completely web- based program doesn't require any server set-up or IT involvement on your end, and it's completely customizable to fit your company's unique needs.

  • Support for All Four Types of Mentoring Programs
  • Precision Matching
  • Intuitive, Role-Based Design
  • Simplified Program Setup - Tailoring a Program to the Needs of an Organization
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Plus so much more!

Harness the power of MentoringComplete for your company! Contact us today for a free demo. You're under no obligation to buy now or ever. Be among the first to experience the difference a comprehensive, well-thought-out mentoring program will have on your company or organization.

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