Business Mentoring & Communication: Verifying Perceptions

Below are some listening techniques for verifying your perceptions. These techniques will assist both mentors and mentorees in being more effective in their discussions and in creating a meaningful relationship.

Avoid making assumptions about what you see or hear. It's better to state your assumptions and ask the other party for feedback. Follow the steps below:

 Step 1: Describe the behavior you noticed
 "When you walked out of the room and slammed the door..."

Step 2: Provide two possible interpretations of the behavior
"I wasn't sure if you were angry or just in a hurry..."

Step 3: Request feedback about how to interpret the behavior accurately
"What was going on?"

"You haven't completed the tasks we had agreed to in the last couple of days and it makes me wonder whether something's wrong or whether I didn't provide enough information or guidance to you.  What's going on?"

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