Mentoring New Graduates

According to an article called "Congrats, graduate - good luck finding a job" that appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle last month, "A recent poll by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that 22 percent of college recruiters do not plan to hire any fresh graduates this spring, and 43.6 percent said they'll hire fewer graduates than they did last spring."

It's a tough job market, especially for fresh faces with little experience. This is where mentoring can really help. Remember, you don't necessarily need to be in a corporate environment to work under the gaze of a mentor: sometimes it's a matter of asking someone to mentor you.

Do you know of someone just graduating college or graduate school? Here's some advice you can give the person on how to set up an informal mentoring relationship:

Become involved in your alumni association. You've just become an alumnus, so it's a perfect entry to the membership. The alumni association may already have a mentoring program or something like it.

Have career conversations with experts in your field. This is different than networking to find a job. Career conversations are focused on listening to someone's career journey. Through these conversations, you will get to know someone and can ascertain if s/he might be the right mentor for you. It will also make it easier to "ask" this person to be your mentor.

Don't try to find just any mentor. Find the "right" mentor for you. This means being clear about what you're looking for, what you need in a mentor, and what personality/communication style will work best for you. This takes time and preparation, and if you need some assistance, subscribe to one of our flagship products, Mentor-Quest, as a resource to guide you in finding the right mentor. It's affordable, and it's guaranteed to get your mentoring juices flowing. (Mentor-Quest was recently nominated for a Stevie Award!)

Don't give up till you find your mentor. Mentors are invaluable in supporting a mentoree during a job search or in a new job. They offer encouragement, a second opinion, a supportive environment, and they are an advocate of your development. And mentors do this for free! Their satisfaction is being able to see you grow as a result of their support. So as a first step in creating a super future for yourself, find that mentor.

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