Mentoring Process: Being a Business Mentor

If you are a business mentor, you may be part of an existing corporate mentoring program in your company or you may be privately engaged in a mentoring relationship and seeking resources. One resource you may find particularly interesting is our online mentoring training, which will help you understand mentoring dynamics. 

As a mentor, you can enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Gaining insights from your mentoree's background and history that enhance
    your professional and personal development
  • Gaining satisfaction in sharing your expertise with others
  • Re-energizing your career
  • Gaining an ally to help promote your organization's well-being
  • Learning more about other areas within your organization
  • Building a relationship with someone outside your area and thus increasing your
    networking within the company.

The Mentor's Commandments:

1. Facilitate not clone. 
2. Uniqueness is important. 
3. Consistency is critical
4. Faking it is not making it. Provide honest feedback.
5. Empower rather than solve.
6. You are not responsible- you have shared responsibility. 
7. Appreciate what you’re giving. 
8. It’s not coaching; it’s mentoring. 
9. Honor your limits and boundaries. 
10. Listening is hard but advice is easy. We could all use more listeners in the world.