Mentoring Process: Being a Program Manager

The Mentoring Program Manager (MPM) is a critical player in a professional mentoring program. An effective mentoring program manager can often make the difference between a failed mentoring relationship and a successful one.

If you're looking at establishing a mentoring initiative, it’s important for you to have the support of your immediate manager in understanding your roles and responsibilities in managing a corporate mentoring program. If you are an existing MPM, we offer various tools and solutions to enhance your effectiveness and the success of your corporate mentoring program.

Specifically, we offer the following:

The MPM must perform certain tasks and demonstrate key behaviors to be effective. Among these are:


  • Creates the mentoring program
  • Implements the mentoring program
  • Trains participants
  • Plans meetings/resources
  • Evaluates mentoring program
  • Provides reports to senior management
  • Expands program as needed


  • Manages
  • Builds alliances
  • Facilitates
  • Communicates
  • Supports
  • Resolves challenges
  • Protects
  • Motivates
  • Maintains confidentiality