The Talent Crunch Solution


You've probably been hearing the buzzword "talent crunch" lately.

According to Manpower Inc's fifth annual Talent Shortage Survey, "Thirty-one percent of employers worldwide report having difficulty filling key positions within their organization - a rise of one percentage point from 2009, amidst a perpetual global pool of available workers."

At Management Mentors, we contend that the answer to the talent crunch conundrum is to focus on the people who already exist within the organization by fostering their talents and encouraging them to teach and share these talents with others within the organization.

And that's exactly what our newest product, CoachingComplete, allows you to do. Talent Crunch SolutionWe like to think of it as talent management meets knowledge share meets social networking. The interface has the familiar look and feel of popular social networking sites. It's 100-percent web-based. And its goal? To foster the sharing of knowledge, skills, and expertise among your talented people -- no matter where they work or operate out of. In essence, CoachingComplete allows you to create virtual learning communities.

The best way to understand CoachingComplete is to schedule a free demo. We think you're really going to like it's easy-to-use interface (it will remind you of other social networking sites in terms of how easy it is to use) and the potential to really connect your workforce members in powerful and meaningful ways. Keep in mind that talent management / knowledge share software like CoachingComplete doesn't replace formal mentoring. When set up right, it can complement your existing programs.

Of course, it's important to find the right mentoring / knowledge share model for your organization. We just developed a new thought paper called "Mentoring Models: One Size Doesn't Fit All" that delves into the many different options you have.

We hope you use it as a guide as you reflect on your organization's mentoring and talent management needs as we head into the new year. You can download it for free by going here.

If you get a chance, let us know what you think of it. We love hearing feedback.

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