Find a Business Mentor with Mentor-Quest

UPDATE: JUNE 2014. Mentor-Quest is no longer available.

We now have a comprehensive ebook on How to Find a Mentor for only $9.99. Check it out!

You've no doubt heard this before: the most successful business people have had a mentor at some point in their careers. After all, studies show that those who are mentored are more likely to be promoted, to have higher salaries, and to experience overall job satisfaction.

On the surface, this sounds all well and good--easy, even. But when you stop and think about it, an obvious question arises: how do you go about finding a mentor, especially if your company doesn't have a formal mentoring program?

That's where Mentor-Quest comes in.

Mentor-Quest is designed in a gaming format and is played out in a university setting. You'll meet a "guide" who will accompany you through the self-directed process of identifying personal traits and characteristics that you can then pair with potential mentors. Since this is an individual and private program, you can be honest and comfortable in submitting your responses, resulting in a more realistic profile.

With Mentor-Quest, you will:

  • Understand through a short, interactive course exactly what mentoring is and how it works.
  • Determine the traits and characteristics of your ideal mentor.
  • Learn how to identify potential mentors at your company...along with strategies on how to approach this person.
  • Discover resources on corporate mentoring relationships, how to start them, what can be gotten out of them, how to improve them.

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