Summer 2011: Playing Nice in the Knowledge Share Sandbox

In our May newsletter, we provided three reasons why your organization needs to formally share knowledge. In this issue, we're giving you three ways to get people excited about sharing knowledge...and learning from others.

1. People won't attempt to access the talent management/knowledge share system unless they believe it's valuable. You must campaign to get as many employees involved in wanting to share their expertise. It's best to seize the opportunity when you first introduce the system since that's when people's interest is highest. Beyond that, monitor the daily, weekly, and monthly activity within the knowledge "pool" and send emails to users to let them know what people are gaining.

For example, you might send out an email that says, "This month we currently have 15 projects dealing with leadership development. We had 150 questions asked. The average rating of the projects in terms of quality is 4.0 (on a scale from 1 out of 5). If you're not participating, you're missing out on some great opportunities to develop yourself as a leader." (Hint: our knowledge share software, CoachingComplete, allows you to easily do all this.)

2. Publicly acknowledge those who are making the most out of the system. Generate interest by recognizing those experts who have contributed the most or have been recognized by their peers as being the best at what they do. This could mean saluting the person who answered the most questions in a given time period or congratulating someone who has participated in a certain number of coaching moments. You can then send an email to all users acknowledging that person and thus increasing that person's visibility and demonstrating the value of your pool. It's a win/win for everyone.

3. Use projects that are performance based to get buy-in and get people excited. In other words, encourage people to gain value quickly by outlining expected deliverables (and attaching these deliverables to deadlines). It's one thing for a company to say, "Develop your leadership skills" and another to say, "Create a team, work at solving problem X, and share your results by this date." Results speak volumes, so the success of any coaching system is built upon the success articulated by those being coached.

Have you had a chance to demo CoachingComplete, our knowledge share/talent management software? If not, request a free, no-obligation demo today. CoachingComplete is the perfect accompaniment to MentoringComplete or your own mentoring software.

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