Winning Talent from Within

I don't have to tell you it costs money when you lose an employee--you already know that. You know it costs money to find a suitable replacement. You know it costs money to train the new person. You know it costs money while everyone waits for the new employee to get beyond the learning curve. And you know it costs money as other employees share the burden until the new person is up to speed.

How can you avoid this scenario?By giving your employees every incentive to stay so that you don't have to spend all the money and time replacing the person. There are many ways to accomplish this task:

  • Promotions
  • Raises
  • Perks

But I want to talk about one strategy that, in essence, covers the three listed above, and goes even further: employee empowerment.

What is employee empowerment? It's exactly what it sounds like: it's giving your employees power. Power to lead. Power to learn. Power to teach. Power to grow. The beauty of this power is that you get to harness it all in one place (your company). It certainly will give your organization a competitive advantage, won't it?

So how do you empower your employees? Simple. By providing the means that will allow them to lead, to learn, to teach, and to grow.

That's where corporate mentoring and knowledge share come in. Mentoring empowers the person to grow professionally and personally. The growth can happen in variety of areas that the mentor and mentoree discuss together, such as leadership. Knowledge share allows people to learn and to teach, again in a wide variety of areas.

If you have these two key components in your organization, you're well on your way to empowering your employees, harnessing their collective power, and growing (and sustaining) your organization.

I realize I'm making it sound simple, but the truth is, if done right, mentoring and knowledge share can easily be integrated into your corporate culture.

Win talent from within through corporate mentoring and knowledge share programs that work.

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Use them together or individually or with other programs you already have working for your organization.

Gain a competitive edge for your company. Your employees are worth it. Good luck!

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