Free White Paper on the "Well-Leveraged" Corporate Mentoring Program

A "well-leveraged" corporate mentoring program is going to go a long way in attracting, nurturing, and keeping your most important asset: your top employees.

But how, exactly, do you leverage your program beyond, well, simply having one and having people participate?

That was the inspiration behind this free thought paper. We realize that most organizations have a decent understanding of corporate mentoring and its benefits. But do these same organizations know how to get the biggest bang for their mentoring buck?

In this free thought paper, you'll learn innovative and doable strategies for getting the most out of your program like:

  • Using social media to promote your program to job candidates
  • Complementing your existing formal program with add-on features like "innovation hatchery," reverse mentoring, and employee-alumni mentoring
  • Fostering mentoring behaviors in all employees, not just the ones who are part of your formal program
  • And much more

Simply click here to download this free white paper: The "Well-Leveraged" Corporate Mentoring Program: Understanding How to Leverage Yours in Order to Attract, Develop, and Keep Top Talent.

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