Mentoring Program Consultations

Through our mentoring consultations, we help your organization by providing the skills, experience, and perspective necessary to create, manage, and sustain a successful mentoring program.

Whether your focus is on succession planning, attracting talent, developing talent, promoting workplace diversity, or all four, Management Mentors is the most qualified consulting partner for your organization. Here are the areas we can specifically address in our mentoring consultations.

We believe strongly in our mentoring consultations, but we also understand that you may have questions or would like to learn more before signing up. This is why we offer a FREE one-hour consultation to companies and organizations to address any questions and concerns you may have. Email us now to set it up.

Executive Mentoring
Management Mentors has developed a proprietary executive mentoring program designed to cultivate knowledge in the next generation of executives and professionals. Executive mentoring should be a key component of your company’s succession plan. It can also make the senior management team more effective today by creating an environment in which they work together to develop tomorrow’s leaders.

Executive mentoring prepares mid-level managers and executives to move successfully into senior-level positions. Executive mentors focus on:

  • The company’s evolution.
  • Efforts to enhance profitability throughout the enterprise.
  • Development of strategies for gaining or retaining competitive advantage within their market space.
  • While mid-level professionals contribute to all of these goals, they rarely possess the perspective to develop the high-level planning that will drive the company to attain them.

A formal, well-developed executive mentoring program provides mid-level executives with insights into:

  • Strategic planning.
  • Bringing the big picture into focus.
  • Preparing themselves for challenges of ever increasing magnitude
  • Executive mentoring creates a ripple effect, as executives apply what they have learned from mentoring to their staff’s development. Mentoring filters through the organization and a mentoring culture evolves. In a mentoring culture, knowledge is shared and leadership skills are learned, so that there is no “brain drain” when the organization’s leadership retires.

By making key executives accessible and open to feedback, executive mentoring creates opportunities for honest conversation and enhances senior staff’s understanding of their chief executive.


Program Management
Managing a professional corporate mentoring program takes time and expertise. Some organizations do not have the internal resources or expertise to manage a successful program.

Management Mentors can provide support for your mentoring program in a variety of ways:

  • Manage your entire program from design, implementation, training, ongoing support, and evaluation.
  • Manage certain components of your program that complement other resources already existent in your organization.

For example, clients will ask us to conduct the ongoing follow-up with pairs in order to support the work and ensure that the relationships are effective.


Custom Mentoring Support
No two mentoring programs are alike because no two companies are alike. Each corporate mentoring program should be customized to reflect the specific culture of your company, as well as the specific goals of your program.

We take the time to understand your organization's culture and your mentoring objectives before we design a customized mentoring program that meets your specific needs.


Mentoring Training
Management Mentors’ training services provide mentors, mentorees and mentoring program managers with the background and tools needed to create and maintain a successful mentoring relationship.

Our training services include a "Train the Trainer" component, which provides clients with the capability to continue their corporate mentoring programs without retaining Management Mentors on an ongoing basis.

Our workbook, "Training in Mentoring Relationships," serves as a resource for this program. The workbook provides the background information and many of the exercises needed for the training and serves as a resource participants can refer to throughout their mentoring relationship.

For companies who need a refresher in mentoring or are unprepared for classroom training, check out our online mentoring training - a web-based training program that introduces participants to the key concepts of mentoring and teaches them how to develop successful mentoring relationships.

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