Corporate Mentoring Program Accreditation


Based upon our 20 years of experience as experts in the mentoring field, we have developed accreditation standards through our sister company, Mentoring University.

Accreditation from Mentoring University covers 190 standards in eight core areas:

  • Mentoring Program Design
  • Mentoring Program Implementation
  • Matching Mentors and Mentorees
  • Mentoring Training
  • Mentoring Program Management
  • Mentoring Program Evaluation
  • Quality Control
  • Role of the Mentoring Program Manager (MPM)

A company that successfully completes our accreditation process has demonstrated it has met the standards of a world-class professional business mentoring program and may use this accreditation in its literature and website. It marks a strong distinction between those mentoring programs that are often ill-defined and poorly managed and one that is recognized as being of the highest quality. This can be a significant advantage when competing for talent against your competitors.

Would you like your current mentoring program to become accredited? Call us at 617-789-4622 or contact us to learn more about corporate mentoring program accreditation.