We have SO much great content on our site. Here are some hidden gems from the mentoring archives that you won't want to miss.
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Hi Hi there,

One of the nicest (and most consistent) compliments we get from prospects and clients alike has to do with the great content we offer on our website.

That said, we know how overwhelming the site can be since there's SO. MUCH. STUFF.

To that end, we're organizing this month's newsletter around the popular #ThrowbackThursday meme made popular on social media.

Below are five hidden gems from our archives that you won't want to miss. 

1. How Our Software Matches Mentors and Mentorees. This article gives you the nitty-gritty behind our Precision Matching software. (Interested? Request a demo.)

2. Why Safety Matters in Mentoring. This is an extremely important, but often overlooked element in mentoring programs. Learn why safety matters.

3. Tips for Saving a Mentoring Relationship. Not all mentoring matches are made in heaven. Here are some strategies for saving a mentoring relationship that's gone sour.

4. Seven Habits of Highly Successful Mentors and Mentorees. An oldie, but goodie. Learn about the traits and habits of the most successful mentors and mentorees.

5. Communication Tip: Verifying Perceptions. This article will take about 60 seconds to read, but the tip you learn will improve the way you communicate with people from here on out.

Here's to your mentoring success!

Rene & The Management Mentors Team

Rene Petrin, Founder & President
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